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We are proud of watching the fast development of our country Industry in line with the technology century.

With the faith in the core of Turkish nation for achieving the difficulty and the outstanding effort, the distance between our country and other developed countries are being closed very fast. As a result of this fast industrialization, the machining machines have been replaced by the computer aided modern machines.

The contribution of modern and customized tools in ensuring the fast and accurate production is indisputable. Taking this need for modern and customized tool as the starting point, Takımsaş Kesici Takım Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. started to operate at late 1987s with the leading companies of the world and endless technologic supports.

With our honorable works for 20 years, we are pleased to share this satisfaction and happiness of contributing the economy and the technology of our country.
The quality, which is the most essential element in the competition, has added great features to machining operations (Turning, Cutting, etc.) in terms of carrying out these operations more accurately and in compliance with the standard. Developing the tools that will perform these works has also great importance in production technology. Our company has understood the importance of developing not only standard cutting tools but also customized more sensitive tools in solving technical problems of the production.

Takımsaş produces or imports tools, holders, cutters and tips most of which complies with ISO standards and offers them to the service of its customers. While making production in compliance with standards, it also applies the international management standards. In order to maintain its leadership in company activities, it has taken some of the standard certificates such as ISO 9001 KYS, ISO 14001 ÇYS, ISO 18001 İSG, ISO/TS 16949 OKYS, CE, SA 8000 and continues its studies to take the others and be the leader and an example in the sector.

We would like to emphasize that the Forum section we will share with you in this website is very important for us in terms of creating a discussion platform where many specialists from all around the world can generate solutions. We also think that obtaining a user name and a password for dealers and regular customers would facilitate in reaching the product range and our prices.

With our seminars, catalogues and technical service programs we will organize, we remind you that the technical staff of Takımsaş will always be with you as your solution partner for all your questions, and wish the continuity of your valuable support.

With our respect and best wishes

Tekin Seçkin
Takımsaş General Manager

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